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15 April, 2013

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Things are heating up! These cute pups just want to relax, but the sun's powerful rays are ruining their day off! Each unique and vibrant environment is a puzzle for you to solve. From sandy beaches to futuristic robotic cities, use the objects, characters and critters in each level to block out the heat. Help these dogs stay cool on a hot day!


Shade Dogs was originally going to be a segment in a zine comic comp Jakob had been slowly putting together. The comic segment was about a dog who made a fortress out of random objects and junk to give him shade from the sun. Also around this time (January 2012) Jakob had just finished all the art direction on another iOS game, Desi Leaves Town. It was a very big project made for a very niche and adult audience. He had recently seen his family over the holidays and had been watching his 5 year old niece play games on different devices like the iPad and 3DS. He thought of taking the comic concept he had and applying it to a goofy game concept that someone like his niece could play, but also had a sort of 'adventure game minis' feel that an older audience could play for fun too. After forming Bombajam, he and Ben decided that Shade Dogs would be their first project together.


  • Colourfully illustrated and animated characters
  • Many interesting locations such as the beach, a robot city and a dream land
  • More than 20 shade-based puzzles to solve, featuring interactive objects, physics puzzles, and humourous actions
  • Fun for all ages. Even old dogs can learn new tricks!
  • An upbeat sun-soaked soundtrack
  • Many planned updates, including new dogs, locations, and puzzles!


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Awards & Recognition

    Shade Dogs has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "Shade Dogs is excellent fun. ItÂ’s the kind of game that I found myself diving into every now and then, just to work through a couple of levels before going back to my day. It'd be all the more appealing to families looking for a title to play together. Oh, and did I mention the dogs are adorable? 4 stars."
        - Jennifer Allen, 148Apps
      • "I love the way everything looks. Everything is so cute and colorful. It is super fun because it's fun."
        - Hayden (7 years old), Gamercide
      • "What makes Shade Dogs so interesting is its variety of puzzles and vibrant graphics. Once you complete the first few levels where you simply drag an object to block the sunlight, it all goes off-track from there. 4 stars."
        - Daven iFanzine, iFanzine
      • "This is a fun puzzle game with memorable characters and great sounds. All ages will enjoy. 5 stars."
        - timuyasha, from an AppStore review,

      About Bombajam

      Bombajam is a tiny games studio that aims to produce fun and accessible video games for iOS devices. Jakob draws the pictures from New York City, while Ben writes the code from Melbourne, Australia. Their first game, Shade Dogs, was created to entertain their nieces, nephews and other young game players. Their next game will likely involve time travel, a haunted school, or a pennyfarthing.

      More information
      More information on Bombajam, our logo & relevant media are available here.

      Shade Dogs Credits

      Benjamin Porter
      Developer, Bombajam

      Jakob Haglof
      Artist, Bombajam

      Ilirjana Alushaj
      Musician, Freelancer

      David Levin
      Musician, Freelancer

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